ip portfolio service

ip portfolio service

In this area we provide the IP due diligence service - anaudit of the company's intangible assets, especially for the purposes ofmergers and acquisitions, and also IP scan service - analysis and creation ofan intellectual property protection strategy

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As part of this service, we offer an assessment of strategicintangible assets and a proposal for their protection and use and theachievement of optimal IP contractual protection.

We provide advice on dispositions with legal portfolios ofintangible rights in the form of franchising contracts and we ensure a transferof the technologies. We provide valuation services for intangible rights(copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, know-how).

In connection with the IP scan service, we are currentlyoffering arrangement of the subsidies for small and medium-sized enterprisesfrom the COSME FUND program for the year 2022 to ensure the protection ofindustrial rights and for the analysis of IP protection, up to a total amountof €2,500.

Subsidies can be drawn for the payment of administrativefees for applications for trademarks, industrial designs and patents, and alsofor the payment of costs for consultancy on intellectual property.


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