In the area of copyright the office offers our clients a variety of services that primarily relate to creation of author’s contract for work, license agreements (including assistance with Creative Commons licenses) and publishing agreements as well as preparation of employment contracts with the authors. We offer services in the area of copyright enforcement together with preparation and sending of letters before action.

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We also provide the escrow service for author’s work that is suitable in the cases of dispute over the autorship or its origin. We ensure for our clients formal protection of their copyright in certain foreign countries. We represent our clients in relations with art galleries and auction houses. We offer legal services to architects, designers, visual artists, copywriters and directors of audiovisual works. We ensure the protection of performing artist’s rights (actors, interprets etc.), producers of audio and audiovisual recordings. We negotiate on client’s behalf with collective administrators of copyright.

We provide legal assistance in the cases where author’s rights were infringed upon on the internet (including on Facebook, other social networks and on YouTube). We represent our clients in court proceedings, before administrative authorities and also before law enforcement authorities. We are highly knowledgeable of the issues facing the author, interpret and also those who use copyrighted work and performances.

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